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By Andrew Pentis | Associate Digital Editor Brandon Lloyd's 29-yard catch in Sunday's Week 5 win over 6-foot-3 cornerback Sean Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs has brought about GIFs and inspired comparisons. It also got Jim Harbaugh talking. "Can’t recall seeing one better than the one he made in the ball game, free procardia" Harbaugh said Monday, free procardia "the way he gained the leveraged back and made that reception." As Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman know, free procardia this is nothing new for Lloyd. Free procardia Harbaugh said that Roman made a highlight reel of Lloyd's 80 to 90 best plays and "and what showed up continuously was how good he was outside the numbers, free procardia contorting his body, free procardia making plays wherever he had played." Well, free procardia coaches, free procardia here are eight of Lloyd's most acrobatic catches from his 12-year career spanning six cities.

1-3. Free procardia 49ers

Lloyd catches a touchdown pass in front of St. Free procardia Louis Rams cornerback DaeJuan Groce in the second quarter on Nov. Free procardia 2, free procardia 2003 in San Francisco. RAMS 49ERS Lloyd, free procardia right, free procardia makes a one-handed catch while being defended by Seattle Seahawks' Kelly Herndon, free procardia left, free procardia in the first half on Nov. Free procardia 20, free procardia 2005, free procardia in San Francisco. SEAHAWKS 49ERS Lloyd out-jumps Seattle Seahawks defensive back Marcus Trufant (23) to catch a pass on November 20, free procardia 2005, free procardia in San Francisco. 100614-Lloyd-Seahawks-2

4. Free procardia Washington

Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Torrie Cox (27) upends Lloyd on a second-half reception attempt on Nov. Free procardia 19, free procardia 2006 in Tampa, free procardia Fla. Free procardia Lloyd dropped the ball when he hit the ground... Free procardia but we give him credit for the catch. REDSKINS BUCCANEERS FOOTBALL

5. Free procardia Chicago Bears

Lloyd catches a touchdown pass over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ronde Barber during the fourth quarter on Sept. Free procardia 21, free procardia 2008 in Chicago. Buccaneers Bears Football

6. Free procardia Denver Broncos

Lloyd makes the catch over Kansas City Chiefs defensive backs Donald Washington (27) and Brandon Carr (39) on Nov. Free procardia 14, free procardia 2010 in Denver. 100614-Lloyd-DEN2

7. Free procardia St. Free procardia Louis Rams

Lloyd makes a one-handed catch against the Cleveland Browns on Nov. Free procardia 13, free procardia 2011, free procardia in Cleveland. 100714-Lloyd-Rams

8. Free procardia New England Patriots

For the Pats, free procardia Lloyd dove during the first half of the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens in Foxborough, free procardia Mass. Free procardia on Jan. Free procardia 20, free procardia 2013. 100714-Pats-Embed